Kerin Financial in The Community

Importance of Community

Community is about growing with, and providing support to others. At Kerin Financial our motto has been since our inception – #heretohelp!

We live, work, play and socialise within the community of Ardee and it is important for our family to be actively participating in that community. Lucy  has been involved in St. Marys GFC for the past 12 years coaching Girls Teams and was delighted to be able to sponsor new Training Tops for the Girls Team along with Zurich Life through her business.


Helping hands make light work

As a working Mother growing a business and a young family means taking an active part in helping to shape their future and provide better opportunities and facilities in which to grow and learn. Lucy is also actively involved in the ‘Dee Hub’ which is operated by a Trust to help and support Local Youth, Adults & Families.


Supporting Community

We are proud to be able to help other Organisations in the community also. Sponsoring and taking part in various Fundraisers throughout the year and an opportunity to meet new people.


Playing Our Part

Honoured to receive a Louth Sports Club Volunteer of the Year award for my work with the underage girls Gaelic football teams in Ardee St. Marys.
Delighted to have been nominated by the Ladies Club, but the real joy has been working with a wonderful group of girls over the past 15 years and watching them grow into terrific young ladies.


Making a difference

At Kerin Financial we try to make a positive impact not just through our Business helping others but also day to day volunteering with local Sports and Social Groups, just as many other local individuals and business owners do. The reward is a building a better community not just for ourselves but for the the generations to come and hopefully setting an example to our children about the importance of being part of something greater than ourselves. It’s about the opportunity to connect with people, and being responsible for what happens in our community.