Life & Illness Cover

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a term that’s used to refer to a group of insurance products that pay out on the death of the person named on the policy. These plans are taken out by people for a number of reasons but most of all to pay off their mortgage should they die or to provide for their families if they pass on unexpectedly.

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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection policies pay if the policy holder dies while their home loan is still outstanding. If someone has a mortgage on their home they are generally required by law to have a mortgage protection policy. The amount of the pay out on the policy is designed to match the outstanding balance on the mortgage at any given time.

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Level Term Life Assurance

This policy provides for a fixed amount of life cover (or serious illness cover) for a specified time. Level Term Cover provides a lump sum to your estate if you die before the end of the selected term. It can also pay out in
the event of you being diagnosed with a specific illness during the term, should you include that benefit.

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Serious Illness Insurance

A serious Illness policy pays out in the event of the policy holder becoming seriously ill with an illness specified on the policy. These policies can either be stand alone or part of a mortgage protection or term policy.

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Income Protection

Income Protection insurance provides a replacement income should the policy holder become unable to work through accident or illness whilst the policy is in force. However, it does not cover you if you become unemployed.

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Other Protection Options:

Business Protection

Many companies in Ireland are run by a small number of key people. What happens to the business if one of these key people passes away or become seriously ill? Who will replace them? Business Protection Cover can provide
the funds to help solve these issues.

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Pension Term Insurance

Pension Term Insurance has all the benefits of Life Assurance with the added bonus of tax relief available on the premiums.

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Section 72 Insurance

Section 72 cover is a life assurance policy, set up under a Trust for the beneficiaries of your will. It is designed to pay the beneficiaries enough funds to pay the Inheritance Tax bill that will arise on your passing. The Life Cover does not form part of your estate and may be a very good tax solution for a large estate.

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