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We provide Pension advice and Retirement Plans designed to secure your financial future

Who we help

  • Professionals looking to maximise their retirement income
  • Families planning for a secure future
  • Business owners seeking pension and retirement planning advice
  • Retirees looking to make the most of their pension funds
  • People with questions about the Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme
  • Anyone else needing sound retirement or pension advice

What we offer

Our experienced team of retirement planners offer an array of services including:

  • Personalised retirement planning strategies
  • Pension fund management and optimisation
  • Tailored investment advice for retirement portfolios
  • Risk management and insurance advice for retirement years

We place your retirement dreams at the forefront, understanding your unique goals and circumstances. By providing adaptable and comprehensive financial solutions, we ensure you are on the right path to a fulfilling retirement. Our team combines expert guidance with a genuine commitment to your financial security in retirement.

If you have any questions about pensions, including the Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme, please book an appointment and we’ll be happy to help.


First Class

Thank you Ray and Lucy for your first class professional advice and financial services over the past couple of years as we work towards achieving our financial goals. Fast and efficient service from knowledgable financial professionals. Highly recommended and will be back in the not so distance future.

– Alan M

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service on all things financial, Lucy offers a great service and always has the customers best interest at heart. Everything was very well explained which made my decisions so much easier and really put my mind at ease.

Personal Pensions

Personal Pensions are suited if you are self-employed or working for an employer that does not provide a pension scheme. You can make contributions and claim tax relief up to certain limits.

Executive Pensions

Executive Pensions are for company Directors/Owners and key staff in the business. Both the employer and employee can contribute, however, revenue stipulates that the employer must contribute a meaningful amount on an ongoing basis.

What is a PRSA?

A PRSA will work for you if you are an employee, work part-time or are self-employed. It is portable, which means’ it can move with you when you change jobs. If you are an employee, then your employer can also contribute to your plan.

Our Process

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We will provide the right advice to help you achieve your retirement goals

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