Retirement Planning

Check out your retirement plan with us.

What is a PRSA?

A PRSA will work for you if you are an employee, work part-time or are self-employed. It is portable, which means’ it can move with you when you change jobs. If you are an employee, then your employer can also contribute to your plan.

If you wish to discuss PRSAs, please contact us.

Personal Pensions.

Personal Pensions are suited if you are self-employed or working for an Employer that does not provide a pension scheme. You can make contributions and claim tax relief up to certain limits.

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Executive Pensions.

Executive Pensions are for Company Directors/Owners and key staff in the business. Both the Employer and Employee can contribute , however, Revenue stipulates that the Employer must contribute a meaningful amount on an ongoing basis.

There are several options available on Retirement, offering a degree of flexibility for how you access your funds.

If you wish to discuss Executive Pensions please contact us.

With the Mandatory requirements for the wearing of Masks removed from February 28th 2022 we wish to advise clients that if they wish to continue to wear a mask in the interests of personal health and safety they are welcome to do so. Also we are available by alternate means Zoom/Email/Phone etc if required.